Calligraphy Practice

I’ve been working on my “lettering”.  Lately I’ve been using a Lamy Joy Calligraphy pen with a 1.9mm nib.

It came with a dark blue ink cartridge, which I usedfor practice.  The pen started skipping terribly, and I thought it was going to be a bust.  I decided to fill it with a wetter ink and see if that would help.  It did. Once I had changed the ink it was much smoother and I haven’t had any more problems with it.

I’m not really a Lamy fan, which seems to put me in a minority.  That said, this pen does the job admirably.  I like the way it looks –long and slim, with a shape reminiscent of a classic dip pen.  It’s too long for my pen case, but I can overlook that.

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