Phone Cozy

I’ve had a beautiful Bernina Sewing Computer, purchased for me by my parents, for many years now, but I’ve barely used it because–quite frankly– it scares me.  It’s smarter than I am, and intimidates me with its superiority in all things sewing.

I really want to be crafty and I think that I have a tiny amount of natural (obviously inherited) talent, but I’m impatient, easily frustrated, and have an unfortunate habit of cutting corners when it comes to technique and being a tiny bit slipshod.  I’ve tried crochet (too hard), knitting (ok, but I can’t seem to get past garter stitch), quilting (too fiddly), tie-die (too messy), weaving and spinning (oy vey, don’t  get me started on how hard), and cross-stitch (too many moving parts).  Lately I’ve come to the conclusion that embroidery is my craft.  Unlike the others mentioned, I find it soothing and fun.  I can take my little bag on the train and work on my projects during my commute.  Most importantly, I enjoy it–something that cannot be said for any of the above.  The trouble is that I’m finding that, when my projects are done, I still need to do something  with them!  That is going to require that I make peace with the Bernina and let it teach me what it knows.  To that end, I’ve been sewing up tiny projects that function as practice homework.  Mostly I’ve been sewing straight lines.   Today (at 9am–1.5 hours before I needed to go to work–please see the character flaws listed above) I decided to design and sew a case for my phone, Goldilocks. Yes, I name all my devices.  So?!  Anyway… the final product came out better than could be expected, but not exactly as I’d envisioned.  What do you think?


The little strap is too wide and doesn’t actually close on the button, so I’ll probably have to rethink that.  You should know that I hand sewed the strap to the bag while standing in the middle of the kitchen with a thread-obsessed cat climbing my leg.  I don’t think it’s too bad– all things considered.

I have many more dates scheduled with Bernina-Elizabeth  (what?!), and I’ll keep you up to date on my progress.  I hope to pump out a few Xmas presents this year.  We’ll see…

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